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Lake George Triathlon Festival Registration

Welcome the 4th Annual BIG George Triathlon - A Half Iron Distance Race!


2013 Results now posted Here or at Score-This!

Photos for the BIG George 70.3
Photos of Lake George Oly

Thank you for making 2013 a great race! We hope you enjoyed your race experience and that we see you again (with your friends) in 2014.


"This was one of the best run events I have ever experienced. Everything was first rate. The cooperation of the volunteers and police was more than I'd hoped for. Excellent, excellent, excellent.”




(view course map)
Waves will be determined one week prior to the race. There will be ~5 waves with 3 minutes between each wave. The course is a counter-clockwise single out and back swim. Keep the buoys to your left.  Exit at carpeted path and cross the street to the transition area… 

Swim Cut off - 1hr 10min after you start.

Wetsuit Information:

This should be a wetsuit legal swim. Water temperature will be somewhere between 69 and 75 degrees Farenheit. See USAT rules for all questions regarding the use of speedsuits and wetsuits (USAT). Please read this brochure concerning your wetsuit and where you swim. (click here for brochure). Let's keep the lake as clean as we can.

Bike Route

*** BIKE ROUTE ***

(Bike course map - Map My Ride) / Map with Cue Directions 

This bike course will be fast. The only way out of Lake George is up - so we start up the Warrensburg hill, same as 2011. (However, we get to come screaming down that same hill). Once over the hill, we go out to Brant Lake and loop around the lake (Counter-clockwise) and come back the same way. It is a very scenic ride with a hill a mile in, then mostly flat with a couple of rollers. On your way back into the village, you will come down the Warrensburg hill. Stay right. When you enter the Village of Lake George, there will be a 'bike only' lane and Right onto Mountain Dr. (next to the school) and then a Left on Ottawa. This is a back street that should have much less car and pedestrian traffic. We will come down to Sewell and take a quick Left then Right onto Rt. 9 / Canada St. On Canada St, bikes will turn Right, get into the inside lane and turn Left onto West Brook Rd. Stay Right on West Brook all the way back to transition! You will be flying through the Village as you head back to start the run on fresh legs.There will be 3 aid stations on the course. 1 at ~15miles, ~28miles and ~41 miles. The aid stations will have water, Nutrition Drink, Nutrition gels (type to be determined) and a Port'o John. Please throw bottles in designated areas. Also, please don't litter. If you have garbage, toss it at an aid station or slip it under you shorts or in your jersey.

Official cut off time for the bike course is 1pm. No runners will be allowed to start the run course after 1pm. Any cyclists that do not make the Northway Bridge at mile 50 by 12:30 will become a civilian rider. The police presence will only be at that intersection until 12:30. If you are concerned with this time, here are a couple of time/speed estimates: Leave Transition @ 8:15am - ride 12mph - arrive @ bridge at 12:30pm. Leave transition at 8:15am - ride 14mph - arrive @ bridge at 11:47am. The times should not be an issue.

If you are previewing the course on your bike, please remember that these are roads with traffic. Adirondack Race Management is not responsible for your actions or those actions of other cars on the road. Know and obey the traffic laws. Ride on the right and please stay in single file if riding with others. Please use caution and Please do not litter the course. We thank you for keeping our roads clean.

Remember – *No Drafting on race day.  There will be race officials on the course.


(Run Course Map) (Run Course Cue Sheet/Map)  

The run course is a 2 loop course. It is spectator friendly and has some hills, downhills and flats.  It will finish on the battlefield grass near the transition area. The course will be an out and back on the bike path. It will be 2 loops. Volunteers and signs will be on the course to help you navigate. Aid stations will be located every 1 to 1.5 miles. Each aid station will have water, Nutrition Drink, Nutrition Gel (to be determined), bananas, oranges and cola. There will be 10 aid stations on the run. Run cut off time: No runners will be allowed to start the 2nd loop of the run after 2:30pm.

Transition Area

Transition Map (HERE)
Transition will open at 5:00am on race day. The transition area map will be updated soon. We are altering the Run course a bit and it will move the finish line to the other side. It will be the same finish as the LG Triathlon.



Registration / Packet Pick-up:


Friday - August 29th- 5pm to 8:00pm (You can pick up packets for All of the races - packet pick up at the Forum (200 yds from the race site!)
Saturday - August 30th – 3pm to 6pm (BIG George Events). Consider getting your packet early.

Saturday – 11am to 12:30pm (Kids Splash-n-Dash – On site registration - race @ ~1pm)

***Note– BIG George athletes – bikes must be racked on Saturday between 3 and 6:30pm.

Sunday - August 31st - 5am Transition Opens

Sunday - 6:45am Transition Closes / Pre-race briefing at beach

Sunday - 7am - BIG George Triathlon Begins

There is no race day registration or packet pick-up for the BIG George.

All racers will need to bring a photo ID, no exceptions!  If you are a USAT member, please bring your card or you will need to purchase a 1 day license for $12.  ALL Members from a TEAM entry need to be present and show ID – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Race materials will consist of the following:
Swim cap, Race Bib, bike number sticker, helmet sticker and race braclet.
-The swim cap is color coded to your wave. Please make sure you have the correct color cap by checking the label on your bib. All swimmers must wear caps.
-The race bib needs to be worn on the front during the run. If using a belt, the bib is made from tyvek and can be worn during all 3 legs of the race. If not using a race belt, please make to grab safety pins to pin your bib to your racing jersey. Your running bib will need to be scanned when you pick up your timing chip on Race Day.  Your swim cap will be in the packet.   
-The bike sticker must be placed on the bike so that it is visible to USAT officials. It will also be used to match to racer so that athletes can remove their bikes from transition after the race.
-Helmet stickers should be placed on the front of the helmets.
-The race bracelet must be worn to enter the transition area and the food tent.  It must be worn during the race.


Mandatory Bike Check-in:

There will be a mandatory bike check-in from Saturday begining at 3:30pm and ending at 6:30pm. All bikes must be checked in to the transition area by that time. There will be no bikes allowed into or out of the transition area after 6:30pm on Saturday until the start of the race on Sunday. In case of inclement weather, bikes can be covered if you wish. Please remember to be considerate of the other race competitors near your bike when you cover it.


***Please make sure that you have your bar ends capped or plugged.  As per USAT rules they must be covered in order to enter the transition area.  If they are not covered you may not enter the transition area. Be sure your race number is on your bike.


Pre-Race Meeting:

The pre-race meetings will take place at the race site on Saturday evening. There will be 3 meetings - choose which one you want to attend. They will be at 4, 5, and 6pm. We will go over the transition area, the course and rules. Of course we can answer your questions at that time or if you grab us prior to the meeting.


Parking – Race Day

The county is adjusting the flow of West Brook Road this spring, but the plan is for a parking lot to be created along the section of West Brook Road that used to run away from the lake. This will be metered parking. There will be no parking along the other portion of the West Brook Road as that will now be 2-way traffic. There will also be parking available at Million Dollar Beach parking lot and at the Village of Lake George parking - both on Beach Road. As we things progress, we will update the information and pass along.

Race Day Packet Pick-up


None. Race day packet pickup will not be available on Race day for the BIG George Triathlon.

Chip Pick-up


You can pick up your chips at the timing table. Remember to bring your running bib to get it scanned when you pick up your chip. If you have your own neoprene band for the chip you may wear it. You can also use your own timing chip if you have it – please bring it to the scoring table. Your timing chips will need to be retrieved at the finish line. Please be patient or help us remove the chips after you cross the line…


Swim Waves

Swim waves will be determined as we get closer to the race date. Waves will start @ 7am and continue every 3 minutes.




We are going to have porta-potties and a handicap porta-potty at the transition area.  We are going to put 2 inside the transition area.  The others will be near the transition area.  The locker rooms at Million Dollar Beach will be opened at 5am.  Also the restrooms there can be used at any point during the day. 



The awards will be begin around 2pm or earlier depending on the timing and number of people out on the course.


Post Race Food


We are currently planning our post race food items that we will have. We will post any information as soon as we have it. There will be plenty of water and snacks for all of our racers.  Food is for race participants and volunteers only and racers must have your race bracelet on in order to enter the food tent. Volunteers only need to be wearing their volunteer shirt.




Spectator parking is located all over Lake George.  If you have family and friends coming to watch the race, there are plenty of opportunities for them to see you. 


Spectators are welcome to watch the swim start from anywhere along the shore. Please be patient with us in allowing spectators to move across Beach Road. Our number one priority is safety for both race participants and specators. The road is open to traffic, but will be controlled by the sheriff department. Please keep in mind that racers enter transition from the swim and will exit for the bike on Beach Road.